BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is a program aimed to assist you to develop both theoretical and practical aspects of being a manager. As we know, being a manager is a tough job and it must include the qualities of leadership in order to develop a high performing team in your business.

The Australian College of Professionals has designed a delivery method that values the individual and your busy work and life schedules. The twelve units in the Diploma qualification have been divided into stand-alone training modules. You can enter the program at any stage and then simply work through the program until you have completed all twelve units. Naturally, if you are completing the program online, you can start at any unit and work your way through the program.

You can choose whether to come to face-to-face classroom tutorials (conducted every second Wednesday evening at the Sydney CBD campus from 5.30pm to 8.30pm) or complete the program online. You may even choose to combine some face-to-face tutorials and some online modules…’s your choice.

You may even like to take the bespoke course route, and simply choose to undertake one or a few of the training modules, and exit the program with a Statement of Attainment, and re-enter at a later time if you choose to complete the full Diploma. Your life will dictate your study needs and capabilities. ACOP will work with you to best meet your individual needs.

The twelve units contained in the Diploma of Leadership and Management offered through ACOP are:

  1. Develop and use emotional intelligence
  2. Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  3. Manage operational plans
  4. Lead and manage team effectiveness
  5. Manage quality customer service
  6. Manage budgets and financial plans
  7. Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  8. Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business
  9. Facilitate continuous improvement
  10. Ensure a safe workplace
  11. Manager personal work priorities and professional development
  12. Manage meetings

As you can see from the units incorporated into the qualification, the skills and knowledge addressed in this program, will assist you to become a confident leader and manager in your work environment. The program will challenge you to challenge yourself and to become the best version of yourself that you can achieve. A competent leader displays initiative and judgement in planning, organising , implementing and monitoring their own workload and the workload of others.  They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational requirements. This program will support you through your education and practical growth to achieve the status of a being a competent leader and manager. There are so many benefits for improving your skills and knowledge in terms of leadership and management. Check out a website that ACOP uses regularly for support in this area – there’s so much to learn –

Through participation in the Diploma of Leadership and Management with the Australian College of Professionals, you will address the growth component that leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximise efficiency in order to achieve the goals of any organisation.  Some of the core values that are addressed in the Diploma program include:

  • Initiating action
  • Motivation
  • Guidance
  • Creating confidence
  • Building morale
  • Managing the work environment
  • Co-ordinating organisational goals

Value yourself and your ambitions. Join the Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification program and achieve your personal and career goals.  Find out more

“I have just completed my Diploma in Leadership and Management. I have really enjoyed the flexible learning environment, some face to face and some distance learning. The invaluable “real life’ knowledge of facilitators was a great opportunity to be given scenarios in which to learn from. Thank you ACOP for all your support.” 

Paula Jarman – Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre – Diploma in Leadership and Management – May 2019

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