Certificate of Registration

Those commencing work in the NSW property services industry are required to apply for a Certificate of Registration with NSW Fair Trading which involves gaining a Statement of Attainment for a Certificate of Registration. Different  categories apply to the different industry sectors, being:

  • Real Estate
  • Strata Management
  • Business Broking
  • Stock and Station
  • On-Site Residential Property Management

You are able to apply for and hold more than one type of Certificate provided you have gained the required qualification for each type. The College offers additional modules which will enable you to work for more than one type of Licensee.

  • Certificate of Registration (Real Estate) Module
  • Certificate of Registration (Strata) Module
  • Certificate of Registration (Business Broking) Module
  • Certificate of Registration (Stock & Station) Module

The Australian College of Professionals conducts three (3) day and two (2) day workshops as well as online and distance education training courses for people to complete the Statement of Attainment required to obtain a Certificate through NSW Fair Trading. Our courses are delivered by current industry professionals and solicitors. This means that students are able to benefit from the analysis of real cases and scenarios and receive the most up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practices.

Units for this entry level training to work in real estate, strata management, business broking and stock & station are taken from nationally accredited training qualifications from the CPP07 Property Services Training Package.

In addition to NSW Property Services qualifications, the Australian College of Professionals is approved to conduct the prescribed Agents Representative course for Victoria as well as the Certificate of Registration qualifications for QLD and the ACT.

Certificate of Registration


“I am very happy with the training course. George is a very kind and humorous tutor. He is knowledgeable and gave us a lot of useful information about Sales & Real Estate. I learnt a lot of property law and understood what I should do and should not do as a sales in the future. Thanks a lot George!

Helen Zang Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –May 2018

“I am completely satisfied with the training, the curriculum provided was extremely good. The subjects were divided in a way that all individuals in the classroom can grasp the information given at a healthy pace. Michael Carolan as a trainer presented the course with all professionalism, he was a great trainer, listened to all students and was able to help us all. He used theory and real life situations to make sure all the students clearly understood the different scenarios. I would highly recommend ACOP and Michael as a professional trainer  

Monique Charabati  Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –May 2018

“Michael Carolan is very experienced and has a great knowledge in Real Estate especially in Sales. I have learned a lot from Michael today and it was a great opportunity to attend this Certificate of registration Real Estate. Thank you very much”

Duy Minh Tran  Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –May 2018

“Class interaction is very important, real examples are always a very good way to understand & grasp subjects/ topics, Face to Face its my preference, because of the interaction of a huge cross-section of society.”

Hugh Watson  Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –March 2018

“George ensure engagement was provide to the students at a very professional level. The role-play and situation scenarios were both, educational & entertaining”

Shawnik Brown Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –March 2018

“A big Thank you to George for making the content relatable & interactive. He used current examples from personal experience and role played all sort of scenarios so we could practice.
Thanks for bringing the education to life!”

Anna Muraoka Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –February 2018

“I learnt a lot from today’s course. The teacher provides me professional information and knowledge in this course.
Real Estate is a new area for me, I never knew about this area before, but the trainer is really good.
I love this course!- Thank you! ”

Wenzhuo Wang Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –February 2018

“Prior to the days, I wasn’t sure if the training will be delivered professionally or will be interesting. In fact, I thought it will be a grind & expected to be dry content.
However, I’m glad that I was wrong, Michael was extremely professional, delivering contents (lots of it) with lots of enthusiasm, passion combined with tons of examples, drawing from personal experience. He was very patient with us asking many many questions, even when we didn’t initially understand them.
I was truly fortunate to be taught by him. Highly recommended, 5 star!! ”

Tetsuo Yamagishi Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) –December 2017

“Excellent course and materials. Outstanding trainers, keep up the great work!”

Lyn french Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) – November 2017

“Teachers are amazing, all of them very practical and easy to understand. It was easy to follow the material as the teachers explained.”

Mohammad Arabie

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face) – October 2017

“Thoroughly enjoy the course! Each day was very informative and at times entertaining. Each trainer should be thanked and I would highly recommend anyone to do the course”

Linda Roberts

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – October 2017

“All the presenters well informative, experienced and engaging. I learnt a lot and all training content was clear and easy to use. George is a fantastic trainer, Thank you!”

Andrew Bernal

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – September 2017

“The course was entertaining as well as informative and has helped to give me the extra skills and knowledge I need for my current position in Real Estate. It has also given me an insight to other avenues I can pursue within and around the industry. The trainers were friendly and easy to approach throughout the course, making the learning process much easier.” Clare Simpson

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – August 2017

“Course content was very practical and has given me a much deeper confidence to work in this field. Trainers could not have been better , they were knowledgeable, fun, entertaining and approachable. Course material was very thorough and it was great to also have practice dealing with documents involved in Real Estate processes.  .” Tiana

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – August 2017

“All three trainers, Kristine, Rosemary and Michael were brilliant at engaging discussions on scenarios from our own experience that provoked thought processes on the material we were learning. Each trainer asked for our background and ensured these were related to the course throughout the days. Each trainer actively ensured participation and also highlighted the areas that need particular attention so we do not find ourselves in trouble. Thank You!  .” Greg Sheehan

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – August 2017

“I really enjoyed the 3 day course I undertook to attain my Certificate of Registration. Trainers had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to support the content they were teaching. The content was easy to understand and any questions I had were answered. The trainers made sure that any grey areas were explained, notes were given thorough and i’ll definitely be using them as a reference while working in Real Estate. .” Name Withheld

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – August 2017

“In my opinion I would recommend this college to anyone who is looking to enroll and excel in The Real Estate Industry. Talking about the trainer George Evangelidis is an amazing trainer he’s got all the expertise training individuals with real experience. Content is pretty clear too, overall I enjoyed my first day at the college .” Sushma Gowri Maragone

Certificate of Registration (Face to Face)  – July 2017

“Rosemary Saaib was absolutely fantastic for this course. She explained property management and property law in clear and precise terms so that I could understand everything with great clarity. She is a fantastic teacher and such a wonderful personality, she makes me look forward to working in the industry. Thank you for your time and teaching Rosemary.” Sara Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – May 2017

“Rosemary was a great educator to have teaching us. Her passion, dedication and diligence to her profession is completely on another level and made me feel my Real Estate goals are obtainable. I was so happy to be in her class today her experience and stories are invaluable.” Julianne Brown Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – May 2017

“Great experience with the College of Professionals. My assessment was marked and sent back very quickly and efficiently.”

Name Withheld Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – July 2015

“To all the team at Australian College Of Professionals. I would like to thank you all for the professional and insightful experience i received at the college. During my time completing the Certificate Of Registration (real estate), i had the pleasure of being tutored by Mr George Evangelidis, Ms Rosemary Saaib and Mr John Upton. Their professional, creative and insightful tutorials helped me appreciate and understand the work that was expected of me in class, and gave me a realistic expectation of the real estate industry. Thank you to all the teachers and behind the scenes staff that made my time at the college, an informative and pleasurable experience. I look forward to all my future training at the college.”

Name Withheld Certificate of Registration (Real Estate)  – July 2015

“Great experience with the College of Professionals. My assessment was marked and sent back very quickly and efficiently.”

Name Withheld Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – July 2015

“I was very pleased with the course overall. Also the team at ACOP was very helpful when I had queries regarding the material. I would definitely recommend ACOP to anybody looking to do the Certificate of Registration.”

Ethan Ross Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – June 2015

“The course was well written easy to understand and all the information was on hand for easy access. A few times rang the customer service and they where very helpful and if they did not know then referred me onto the person that was appropriate to talk with.”

Julianne Saunders Certificate of Registration (Distance Education)  – May 2015

“All trainers/presenters were very good –

  • Spoke clearly
  • Very Informative
  • Thorough
  • Very relate able.”

Larry Daniela Certificate of Registration  – December 2014