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2019 in Review

With the implementation of the NSW Property Services Reforms on 23 March 2020, if an agent is seeking a Class 1 licence or Class 2 real estate licence without restrictions, one of the criteria is that the applicant hold the new CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice qualification.

Please be aware that it is not essential for an agent to have an unrestricted licence in order to operate within the property industry in New South Wales.  In addition, this process is most relevant for the category of licence relating to real estate agents, not for Stock & Station or Strata Managing Agents.  For example, if you are currently a real estate agent and will transition to a Class 2 real estate agent as of 23 March 2020, you will be known as a “Class 2 real estate agent’s licence with restriction condition”.  The restriction means that you will have the authority to practice in the areas of ‘sales’ and ‘property management’ only.  You will not be able sell businesses, as many people currently believe will be the case after the commencement of the Reforms.  If you wish to also sell businesses, you will require an ‘unrestricted licence’.

The assessment process that ACOP is now offering will provide you with the new qualification that is required to gain an unrestricted licence.

The assessment process that ACOP is now offering, is not a course as such – it is an assessment process.  You will either:

  • undertake an online assessment consisting of approximately 80 questions


  • provide evidence to gain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Any agent who gained their real estate licence since June 2009 will hold the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). It should be noted that this qualification is NOT equivalent to the new CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (the new qualification required for licensing). Any qualification gained prior to June 2009 and used to obtain a property licence in the past, is also NOT equivalent to the new CPP41419 qualification.

As such, a process to upgrade and recognise your current experience and other learning has been developed by ACOP in order to assist you to gain the new qualification.

If you wish to transition your old qualification through to the new CPP41419 qualification, this can be done by either:

  1. Completing a bridging assessment (this is an online assessment to be completed through the ACOP student portal). You will also need to provide a copy of your transcript from your initial licensing qualification (not required if you completed your training with ACOP)

  2. Providing evidence so that you can be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and/or Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)

    • If you are looking for RPL and/or RCC, you can have a supervisor (Licensee-In-Charge) or a solicitor or accountant who has an extensive knowledge of your work practices complete the questionnaire attesting to your skills, knowledge and competence in the industry.

    • If you have completed any additional training or qualifications, you can submit transcripts of this training for consideration by ACOP for RPL/RCC.

    • As the ACOP Evidence Questionnaire does not cover every aspect of the skills, knowledge and competence included in the new CPP41419 qualification – and is only the identification of the bridging issues between the old qualification and the new qualification, ACOP requires that you also submit a copy of the transcript that you received when you completed your initial training to gain your licence and also submit a brief resume detailing your professional and training history.

In summary, what ACOP requires you to submit in order for ACOP to consider RPL/RCC for the new CPP41419 qualification is:

  • Completed Evidence Questionnaire that covers a minimum of two (2) years of experience of working in the real estate industry
  • Brief resume detailing your professional and educational history
  • Copy of any the transcript from your initial licensing qualification (not required if you completed your training with ACOP)
  • Copy of any transcripts for additional training that you have completed since gaining your real estate and/or stock & station agent’s licence

Please click HERE to let us know if you are keen to progress with this transition process. 

Be recognised for your experience and skills.

The new CPP41419 qualification is one of the criteria to be granted an unrestricted property licence under the new Property and Stock Agents (Qualifications) Order 2019

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