Leadership Plus (depicted always as Leadership+) is a new initiative of the “leaders” from the Australian College of Professionals.

There will be a focus on using technology to support you through your Leadership+ program, including on-line discussion forums, video links, on-line question and answer forums.

The leadership programs that will offered by Leadership+ will be launched in mid 2017.  Watch this space for exciting new opportunities to enhance not only your professional outcomes, but also broaden your horizons as an individual.

Leadership+ will provide comprehensive staff development solutions through the provision of personal and professional development programs to support managers and business owners.   These solutions aim to identify and develop leadership qualities in the pursuit of increasing positive business outcomes.

The aim of the Leadership+ team is to develop our members and their teams into the leaders of their chosen industry.

In our planning of this new opportunity, we considered what is the difference between the offerings of the Australian College of Professionals and Leadership+.  What we determined is that:

          ACOP makes you compliant……………
          Leadership+ makes you successful

The target audience for Leadership+ will be:

  • First line supervisors and middle managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Government Middle Managers including Council Managers
  • All small businesses looking to develop their senior staff

The programs will be specifically aimed at time poor top-line managers who do not have time to mentor/develop their staff.  Let Leadership+ give you back the time by supporting your team to take on their responsibilities.

So, prepare yourself for this exciting new product, and remember

          There’s training…..
          There’s education…..
          and then there’s Leadership+

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