CPD Strata Management

If you are a Class 1 or a Class 2 agent, you are now required to complete 3 hours of elective CPD.  With Elective CPD there are a broad range of topics that can be chosen from the list issued by NSW Fair Trading that relate to agent and agency best practice.

With the CPD year now being from 23 March to 22 March each and every year, you can complete this training at any time during the CPD year.

It is important to note that your completion of CPD in no longer connected with the renewal date of your licence.

The Strata Management CPD program that has been developed by ACOP for this 2020/21 CPD year focused on the following issues

  • Community Management Legislation Review
  • Strata Collective Sales
  • Mental Health and Strata Managers

This means that it is mandatory that you complete a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program every year in order to renew your authority to practice.  All CPD Strata Management courses offered by ACOP meet the criteria set by NSW Fair Trading for elective CPD topics.

Once the world has moved on from the current COVID-19 pandemic, ACOP will again be conducting its very popular face-to-face CPD seminars throughout New South Wales.   In the meantime, all topics will be offered online and through interactive webinars.

Customised and in-house courses are also available for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us if you have specific topic needs and our trainers can come to your office to conduct your CPD course at a time that suits you and your staff.  Naturally, these courses are also available via interactive webinar, which is terrific for remote locations and also smaller agencies.

Click here to check the NSW Fair Trading website to confirm your Class of licence, which determines the categories of CPD that you need to undertake.

CPD Strata Management

Information about other CPD courses is available on our website

ACOP’s courses are developed and delivered by current industry professionals and solicitors. This means that students are able to benefit from the analysis of real cases and scenarios and receive the most up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practices.

The courses conducted by ACOP either in face-to-face mode, through the ACOP online student portal, or via interactive webinars, all provide an opportunity to network with other agents and agencies and to share ideas within our best practice framework.

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