CPD Real Estate Sales

It is mandatory that you complete a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program every year in order to renew your authority to practice.  All CPD Real Estate Sales courses offered by ACOP will give you the full 12 points. This CPD course is offered in face-to-face workshops (Sydney CBD) and online. In-house courses are also available – contact the College (1300 88 48 10).

Click here to check the NSW Fair Trading website for your renewal date to show when your CPD points are due.

CPD Real Estate Sales

The content of all CPD training conducted by the Australian College of Professionals targets topics selected from both the Compulsory and the Priority Learning Areas as detailed by NSW Fair Trading.

The 2019 Real Estate Sales CPD course until 23rd March 2020 covers:

      1. Summary of legislative changes throughout 2019
      2. Marketing your Agency
      3. Preparing Tender Documentation
      4. Property Industry Reforms – be ready for March 2020

This year a second CPD Real Estate Sales course is also available which contains a topic on the finance process from a property agents perspective.

Components from the following national Unit of Competency is addressed in this training. The Unit is:

CPPDSM4019 – Interpret legislation to complete work in the property industry

Information about other CPD courses is available on our website

NSW Fair Trading issued new CPD Guidelines as of the 14th October 2013. These Guidelines state that 12 points of professional development need to be acquired in the 12 month period immediately prior to the renewal due date of the licence or certificate regardless of the number of licences held. NSW Fair Trading has set a number of Compulsory Learning Areas and also some Priority Learning Areas. All licensed and certificated persons must complete their CPD from the Compulsory Learning Areas and this content may be supplemented from the Priority Learning Areas.

ACOP’s courses are developed and delivered by current industry professionals and solicitors. This means that students are able to benefit from the analysis of real cases and scenarios and receive the most up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practices.

College workshop courses provide an opportunity to network with other agents and agencies and to share ideas within our best practice framework.

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