CPD Courses (12 CPD points)

It is mandatory that you complete a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program every year in order to renew your authority to practice.  All courses offered by ACOP – Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Stock & Station, Business Broking, Strata Management and Commercial & Retail Sales & Leasing –  will give you the full 12 CPD points.

Click here to check the NSW Fair Trading website for your renewal date to show when your CPD points are due.

The College provides CPD training in all property licence categories in NSW and the ACT.

For further information on specific CPD topics, or to enrol into any of our CPD courses, please click here to be directed to our current courses and enrolment form.

All CPD Courses can be completed face to face, via distance education or online.



As per NSW Fair Trading’s CPD Guidelines, all licence and certificate of registration holders within NSW are required to complete 12 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year prior to renewing their licence or certificate. This is regardless of the number of licenses or certificates of registration you may have.

ACOP’s courses are developed by and delivered by current industry professionals and solicitors. This means that students are able to benefit from the analysis of real cases and scenarios and receive the most up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practices.

College courses also provide an opportunity to network with other agents and agencies and to share ideas within our best practice framework.

All courses will give you the full 12 CPD points. Click here to check when your CPD points are due.

  • Licence and Certificate holders in the regulatory categories of Real Estate, Business Agency, Stock and Station Agency, Strata Managing Agency, Buyers Agents and On-Site Property Managers.
  • Those wanting to further their knowledge in particular real estate, strata or business broking topics.

NSW Fair Trading has set a number of compulsory learning areas and also some priority learning areas. All licensed and certificated persons must complete their Continuing Professional Development points from the compulsory learning areas and this content may be supplemented from the Priority Learning Areas.

The content of all Continuing Professional Development training conducted by the Australian College of Professionals targets topics selected from both the compulsory and the priority learning areas.

The CPD courses offered cover the topics of:

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The Australian College of Professionals conducts CPD courses in the following locations in NSW:

Batemans Bay
Byron Bay
Castle Hill
Coffs Harbour
Dee Why
Port Macquarie
Raymond Terrace
Sydney CBD
Tweed Heads
Wagga Wagga

The Commissioner for Fair Trading (ACT) has issued CPD Guidelines as of the 31 March 2008. These Guidelines state that 12 points of professional development need to be acquired prior to the renewal due date of the licence or certificate regardless of the number of licences held. All licensed and certificated persons must complete their CPD from the Compulsory Learning Areas and this content may be supplemented from the Priority Learning Areas.

The content of all CPD training conducted by the Australian College of Professionals targets topics selected from both the Compulsory and the Priority Learning Areas.

Licence Holders: If you hold an ACT Agent Licence, you are required to complete your CPD points by 30th June each year.

Certificate Holders: If you hold an ACT registration as a salesperson, you are required to complete your CPD points by 31st October each year.

On-line CPD Courses are available in the following Property areas. All CPD conducted by ACOP meets the requirement from NSW Fair Trading for the completion of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) under the Director General’s Guidelines for CPD issued on 14 October 2013. All online CPD courses are worth 12 CPD points:

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Property Management
  • Strata Management
  • Commercial and Retail Sales and Leasing
  • Business Broking
  • Stock & Station
  • On-Site Residential Property Management

Customised and in-house courses are also available for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us if you have specific topic needs and our trainers can come to your office to conduct your CPD course at a time that suits you and your staff.

A 10% discount is available to an customer who has previously completed a course through the College. The discount is for Workshop and Distance Education courses only. There is no discount for online courses. Read about our loyalty conditions.

Further Information

If you are uncertain about which Continuing Professional Development course you should attend, please contact us on 1300 88 48 10 or email your name and contact details to enquiries@acop.edu.au and our friendly staff can assist you in choosing the course that is best suited for you.

“Hi Rosy and Team,

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for the recent CPD training that you did at our office in country NSW. As always the content was up to date, relevant and Rosy is an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable presenter with a lot of useful tips in day to day agency practice.

Everyone in our office, from staff that had not long joined us, to others that have been here for many years all took something away from the training.

Also I wanted to say that from the moment of contacting the College to arrange the training, through the enrolment process, and finally the provision of our certificates, the team at your office were polite, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks again”

Edwina Brown – Yass Real Estate – Sales & Property Management – June 2019

“I would appreciate you conveying to Rosemary Saaib what an excellent job she does when addressing her class. I attended a CPD course given by her at the Parramatta RSL Thursday 8th November, Rosemary’s presentation together with communication skills were excellent, she encourages participation by all who attended. She knows her stuff & is to be commended.

George Martin – Sales & Property Management – November 2018

“Michael had all the answers to our queries, his voice was very clear and precise. Thank you ACOP

Susan Reed – Sales & Property Management – August 2018

“Rosemary Saaib is an excellent presenter, she makes her course exciting to attend by keeping it moving quickly but also takes the time to adequately explain any grey areas, would highly recommend ACOP 

Susan Reed – Sales & Property Management – August 2018

“Kristine was an excellent trainer, obviously knows what she does. She was very informative and relates very well to people. Excellent presentation, really gets the message across. Well done Kristine

Sandra Dawson – Sales & Property Management – July 2018

“Kristine Bice is so informative, her communication is so effective, most wonderful presenter! I find her to be so easy to listen to – 4 hours and I did not lose concentration- she held my attention… absolutely fantastic

Paula Geary – Sales & Property Management – July 2018

“A professional organization with varied relevant courses conducted by helpful direct trainers where any questions can be answered inmediately

Barry Russell – Sales & Property Management – July 2018

“I have been with Australian College of Professionals for the last 6 years… I’m more than happy to continue my training with the same college & I will be more than happy to refer to others

Diane Nguyen – Sales & Property Management – July 2018

“I have been doing my CPD training with ACOP for many years, I have found it to be both professional and informative. I would not hesitate in recommend to others.

Patrick Lay – Sales & Property Management – July 2018

“The entire team at ACOP are fantastic, teachers were thorough with their sessions. The material delivered is extremely useful  and I have left with greater understanding of the property industry.”

Nadine Vigouroux –  Sales & Property Management – June 2018

“We have used ACOP for many years. They continue to provide an amazing service, which is relevant and valuable to anyone working in the Real Estate Industry.”

Kim Sullivan –  Sales & Property Management – May 2018

“George was very helpful & made the course material easy to understand. This material is very helpful/ useful for day to day work. George catered to both Sales & Property Management sections of the course, Thanks.

Erica Scanlan – Sales & Property Management – May 2018

“Very personable, easy to understand, great trainer (Rosemary) and any questions welcomed and professionally answered/ discussed. Than you!

Karin McMillan -(Sales & Property Management) April 2018

“Good content and well laid out to be able to understand the relevant clauses in the ACT and Reforms that are constantly changing

Maurice Aiken -(Sales & Property Management) April 2018

“Trainer ( Rosemary) as always was very easy to understand, involves every individual in discussion and addresses every query with best of her knowledge and experience.

Rhythm Joshi -(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“Easy to understand course content, well explained and excellent trainer. Excellent in-house service, thank you Garry and ACOP

Name Withheld -(Stock and Station) March 2018

“The most enjoyable and concise CPD I have attended. Trainer was engaging, interesting and easy to understand.

Katherine Gaff-(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“The course was informative & fun – learned a great deal about the new reforms that I was looking forward to hearing about

Abigail Palmer-(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“I always found Rosemary Saaib very knowlegable and presents the course extremely well.

Extremely professional, excellent knowledge & experience in both Sales and Property Management”

Sungeetha Singh -(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“Rosemary is an excellent presenter with an accurate knowledge and understanding of what she is teaching. 10 out of 10

Tony Aylmer -(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“Course was interesting and thorough, notes were comprehensive. I enjoyed the interaction with other students as well as the presentation by Michael

Steffan Jacob -(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“My Licence was obtained through ACOP and have been returning annually for CPD. Wonderful  job 

Charbel Hachem -(Sales & Property Management) March 2018

“John is full of great examples & situations related to all sectors of Real Estate industry. It helps to understand difficult topics in industry. Great course! 

Jess  -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“As a repeated client, I always walk away learning a new topic or change in the ACT. The trainer and venue has always been professional, knowledgeable and informative. Excellent College!!  

Janeta Biviano  -(Strata Management) February 2018

“CPD content was relevant, interesting and easy to understand. Rosemary was great, nice, lively and made more enjoyable

Tori Cooper -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“I always look forward to these sessions, atmosphere is always friendly, relaxed & very informative. John is fantastic, very knowledgeable and experienced

Robin Hudson -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“ACOP is a wonderful education providing college. Helping me too much in my Real Estate Career

Yutao Cai -(Real Estate Sales) February 2018

“I found the course very relevant & covered all the changes and reforms happening in the industry. Michael was easy to understand and presented all the information really well. 

Carol Curtis -(Real Estate Sales) February 2018

“Michael is a fantastic trainer! Very engaging and inclusive of every student. Happy to answer all our questions… He was really helpful and accommodating

Shanai Dowsett  -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“Michael is an excellent trainer, good energy, informative and knowledgeable, a bit of humor, kept good pace and we have all gone away knowing a lot more

Name Withheld  -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“I enjoyed the training with Michael on our CPD points. He was entertaining and informative, I would be happy for him to teach us again next year!

Angela Proudman -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“Thank you for the content covered in the Sales & Property Management CPD Course. It’s vital to be updated on changes in legislation plus, it’s also a great opportunity to network with others in the industry.

Julie Crockett -(Sales & Property Management) February 2018

“ACOP offers very good advise, training & lecturing about current changes & forth coming changes to the industry

“One cannot afford not to use ACOP for CPD so as to keep updated and compliant”

Stephen Carlin -(Sales & Property Management) January 2018

“The course content is presented clear and concise & very easy to understand. The venue is excellent and the presenter well learned and very friendly

Linda Battishill -(Sales & Property Management) January 2018

“Kristine has been our facilitator for approximately 4 years now. She is very informative in regards to her knowledge on the Strata Industry 

Carolyn Tabet – V J Ray Pty Ltd (Strata Management) January 2018

“Action packed in term of participation and useful exchange of ideas. Great update on legislation change. Proactive knowledge sharing by experienced trainer/ presenters… Highly recommended!

Un Gee hau  – Osemed Pty Ltd (Property Management) January 2018

“Always enjoy completing my CPD with Garry Gilkeson as the trainer is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to…. Great understanding of the industry and very approachable “

Sharon Hill  – One Agency (Sales & Property Management) January 2018

“Always a pleasure to have Rosemary facilitate our course. Easy to listen and learn from… She always makes it an enjoyable experience “

Odette Roach Ray White Castle Hill CPD (Sales & Property Management) January 2018

“Our agency has attended CPD via ACOP for many years with Rosemary as the trainer. She’s engaging and very informative. We would be back next year again, Thanks ACOP!”

Nadia Scarcella Prime Real Estate Agents CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“Trainer was great, kept the class interested and enjoyed sharing all the different stories with other people in the industry “

Vera Prime Real Estate Agents CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“Rosemary was excellent, very informative and thorough. I would always recommend ACOP to any prospectives”

Kelsie Jayde Crowe Catalina Lake Macquarie CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“Rosemary was very informative, easy to understand, led the group very well and has a lovely energy”

Leanne Turner Ray White Killcare Peninsula CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“Love to refer new students to ACOP, they are with you all the way and more!”

Deborah Baker Real Retirement CPD (Sales for Real Estate) November 2017

“Thanks you Garry for the presentation and thanks to ACOP for the continuing assistance through the year. “

Ann Rumbel Piper Real Estate CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“This course was very well run and presented, I got a lot of it! Well done Australian College of Professionals.”

David Grant Livestock Agency CPD (Sales & Property Management) November 2017

“Always interesting listening to real life experiences. Rosemary takes the course seriously but always makes the course fun & interesting. She loves our input, not just sitting listening to a boring speaker. We had a really interesting morning, Thanks Rosemary and ACOP!“

Anne Maree Ward CPD (Sales & Property Management) – October 2017

“Course content was informative and relevant. Trainer was easy to understand, used a lot of good examples and she was very friendly.“

Sueallen Rachwan,  (Sales & Property Management) – October 2017

“The course conducted by ACOP is the only way to do the CPD course. I have been coming more for a very long time and I will continue to send my staff.“

David Ward, The Kings Estate Agents CPD (Sales & Property Management) – October 2017

“Practical training offered. Professional trainers that delivered training, all trainers encouraged questions and provided answers to whatever students were asking. ACOP provided training to the first level of audience “

Name Withheld Company Withheld CPD (Sales & Property Management) – July 2017

“I was very pleased with the training day, it was informative and updated. Trainers and staff were really helpful.“

Name Withheld Company Withheld CPD (Sales & Property Management) – June 2017

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