Consumer Guides - eBooks

Agents are busy and often don’t have the time to provide detailed information to their customers in relation to the process that they are currently undertaking.  These Consumer Guides are the perfect tool for agents to give to their customers to equip them with information to allay their fears about the process and understand what decisions they need to make.  By providing such a tool to customers, agents will be presenting themselves as the ultimate professional who is keen to support their customer in every step of their property journey.
Consumers who utilise these guides to inform themselves about the specific area of property in which they are involved, will have a deeper understanding of what agents are working towards AND, We believe that the consumer will be able to work more effectively with their agent in the achievement of their preferred goals.

Name Cost
eBook The Sales Process $9.99
eBook The Buying Process $9.99
eBook Being A Landlord $9.99
eBook Being A Tenant $9.99
eBook Buying Off-the-Plan $9.99
eBook Strata Scheme Basics $9.99
eBook The Auction Process for Buyers $9.99
eBook The Auction Process for Sellers $9.99
eBook Using a Buyers Agents $9.99


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