College Principal Rosy, and Trainer Michael answer your questions about:

  1. Cooling Off Periods
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Cybercrime
  4. Retraction of an auction bid

5 Quick & Helpful Staff Management Tips

John Roberts the General Manager gives 5 really important and helpful Staff Management tips.

1 – Gain respect – Don’t demand it
2 – Confronting conversations
3 – Different approach
4 – Accountability contract
5 – Identify & praise good work

Auctions – Be Prepared

Making sure that the Vendor and the Purchaser are prepared for auction day and that the Agent supports you through the process.

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Auctioneer Courses

Choosing the right real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent can be hard and sometimes overwhelming. Rosy gives her tips and tricks on how to best identify the right agent for all your property dealings.

Property damage and repairs

Often there are extremes in our weather and properties often wear extreme damage. Rosy gives advice on how best to tackle this issue from an owners and agents perspective.

The Property Market

Some experts say that the property market, and particularly in Sydney, has slumped by 10%, whilst others are saying that there is an imminent oversupply of property with the increase in strata developments and housing estates. And then yet others just nominally state that house prices in Sydney are 40% overvalued.

So WHO do we believe? Rosy explains.

Assisting your purchaser

For those people thinking of moving to a new home – whether renting or buying – you need to make some serious decisions about what you want. Rosy gives an insight into what considerations you should be taking for you or your client before making the big switch.

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